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This website was built to share my life on the road and journey to mobile off grid life.

If you have any questions for me use the chat box or reach out to me at:

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Why A Skoolie?

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It was over 10 years ago when I first began my vehicle dwelling adventure. The bus I currently live in is a culmination of lessons learned from hundreds of thousands of miles traveling in many different kinds of vehicles.  I kept the aspects I enjoyed while omitting what I did not.

My current tiny home on wheels, Zep II, is outfitted with key features and components for off grid life. It features 1700w of solar, 900ah of lithium battery storage, 26quft. of cold food storage and 200 gallons of fresh water capacity. Basically, I build this bus to be my self sustaining adventuremobile!


Follow along and learn how I make money on the road, live simply off the grid and adventure this beautiful  country I call home.


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